Stained Glass Windows

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Our stained glass windows are a memorial to Pastor Frederick W. Kemper, who first envisioned Biblically symbolic flowers as a unique theme for Galilee. His plan was to develop this theme into a set of stained glass windows, ordered in such a way as to tell the story of the whole Bible.

Quoted interpretations have been taken from Signs and Symbols in Christian Art by George Ferguson (Oxford University Press, New York, 1954)

Although Pastor Kemper did not work on any of Galilee's stained glass windows, he did lay all the groundwork. He had laid out a plan for the placement of each window in Galilee's sanctuary. Three Old Testament windows were to be on the left, four New Testament windows on the right. Chronologically they were to flow from the back to the front up the left side and then from back to front up the right side. He had purchased a large book from which to take the flower designs, Georgia O'Keeffe, One Hundred Flowers (Knopf Calloway, 1987). However, only five of the designs were  ultimately taken from the book, as it contained no appropriate flowers symbolizing 'The Fall of Man' or 'Moses and The Law'. These were taken from other sources. Pastor Kemper had even completed a model window for the red poppy to determine whether Georgia O'Keeffe's paintings could successfully be transferred to stained glass. Being very pleased with the results, he related his intentions to various friends and relatives. After his death, a memorial fund was set up in his name and it was decided to finish this project as a memorial to him, made possible by many, many people who knew and loved him. Judy Specht did the design layout for all the windows. Evior Kemper Miller, his former daughter-in-law, did the glasswork on the poppy, and Bruce Gordon did the glasswork on the other six. The stained glass windows were begun during the summer of 1989 and were completed in December, 1991. A service of dedication was held on April 5, 1992.